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Originally Posted by XSTAR_007 View Post
Awesome road trip and seems you have done your homework to get to t set-up as you like!

Thank you! Definitely did a lot of research prior to buying and the stars aligned on this one so it felt right. This community helped a lot as I was new to the BMW

PS: If you decide to go lower than you are now, you have a buyer for your Eibach springs

Originally Posted by tab View Post
Congrats! My 2016 M6 GC has 43,000 miles now. Picked it up in August 2015 in Munich. Have fun!
Now that is the perfect way to pick up your M6! It's a shame BMW is discontinuing the European delivery program even though I get why -- it would be nice if they continued it for M cars at the very least, I can only imagine what a special experience that was picking up your M6 over there