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Originally Posted by Flo1989 View Post
So I think I’m your guy as I currently own both - a M6 Gran Coupe Comp and a 2013 Panamera GTS.

1. Daily Driver: Both make for great daily’s with neither having a real advantage in this category except the Porsche having AWD if that is something you prefer/need for where you live. The M6 in the winter is a no-no unless you plan to mount on winter tires. The GTS has a bit more storage space being a hatch back, but the M6 is plenty enough with also having the pass through back seating option.

2. Seat Comfort: I’m going to slightly give the edge to Porsche on this. While the M6 is not uncomfortable by any means, Porsche’s leather is just on another level imo. The seats are a bit more firm in the GTS, but more so in a supportive manner rather than a hard race seat feel. The M6 feels “good” but nothing to brag about.

3. Handling: This is tough...The M handles great, but so does the Porsche. The Porsche’s power is more controllable by having a lot less (modded to 480ish crank vs my 700whp M) and by of course being awd..This makes it a little more predictable I guess I would say. But once you get the hang of the M’s power, stock or modified, its a joy as well. I feel comfortable taking bends in either going 100mph with no sweat.

4. Exhaust Sound: GTS. End of story lol. Stock vs stock it’s not even in the same league. I removed the resonator on the GTS and replaced it with an x-pipe so its even more sinister. Now that the M6 is catless with an axle back it can hold its own, but a high revving N/A motor is always going to sound great.

5. Fun to Drive: Ask me any day and my answer will change. For me its more of a “what mood am I in?” Blazing on the highway with the M or playing with the PDK on some backroads or city streets.

6. Baby Seat: No kids yet, but the GTS has split seating so only room for two oppose to the M6 giving you an option for a third.

7. Reliability: Tie. I haven’t had any issues with either outside of normal maintenance. I think you’ll be fine with either if you choose a car with a good history. Be sure to get a PPI prior to purchase as that $200 or so can save you thousands down the road..

Here are some photos of the GTS for reference...I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy either one. Try to drive a GTS if you can so that you can make a truly informed decision.

Thanks for you thorough feedback. You have a great taste in picking the colours.

Which info system so you prefer more? I heard the Porshe info system is outdated.