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De-badge and CocoMats

I clean my car all the time. You would be hard pressed to find dust on my car because as soon as it appears I wipe it off with Meguiarís Ultimate Quick Detailer, or if, God Forbid, she gets dirty enough we go straight to the car wash. A self serve wash. Never a machine wash. Anyhow. You get how particular I am about this car.

That being said, I am thinking of removing the Ď640ií badge from the trunk because itís really hard to clean between the letters. I suppose I could use Q-tips, but Iím not sure that that would get it totally clean.

Are the letters easy to pop off? Or should I re-think this entirely, get Zen with the fact that theyíll never really be clean and forget about it. Lol!

In other news: I ordered a set of floor mats off of eBay that had the M logo embroidered on them and I was never happy with them. They look cheap, the logo embroidery isnít thick enough and the coverage isnít complete - in short they look cheap and I am not going to live with them.

The problem: BMW no longer makes floor mats for our discontinued cars. I did find floor mats that looked good online at Dinan, but they were almost $300.00 and they had a big ĎDINANí embroidered on them and I did not feel like explaining to everyone that got into the car what Dinan was. There are also some other after market mats but they look cheap as well.

Then I saw a Jay Leno video extolling the virtues and qualities of CocoMats. You can find the video at I remember these from when I was a kid and they are of superb quality. So I ordered a set in Black Herringbone. Iíll have them in three weeks!