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Originally Posted by rkb4_photos View Post
When I initially purchased the car I averaged 750 miles as well. I took the car into service back in January and they replaced some of the oil hoses, but no results.

The car is stock minus the Dinan tuner, so I would guess right around 600HP- please feel free to correct me if Iím wrong

I also park in the same spot daily and havenít seen any external leaks, in addition to not smelling or seeing any indications of excess oil burn. Iím racking my brain over this- close to trading the damn car in for a AMG GTs.
i got mine used at 40k miles or so like this

well you never know how much power a car is pushing until you dyno it, i recommend a dyno session for you lol. did you get yours brand new? how did you break it in?