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Originally Posted by 8nskate View Post
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and a soon to be BMW 335is owner. There are a few acronyms I have seen on this forum that I did not see on this thread. Also, can someone explain the difference between an E90-91-92-93 3 series?

And what does LCI stand for? Thanks. Trying to learn about the car before I purchase it.
BMW E90 - 3 Series Sedan (4 Doors)
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LCI - Life Cycle Impulse; Every few years, the car manufactures update the interior/exterior of the car. (E.g. the 2006-2008 3 series are Pre-LCI and the 2009-2011 3 Series are LCI. The LCI models have new lines added to the hood, updated I-Drive, new rims, new interior/exterior colors, LED tail lights and head lights, upgraded front bumper, etc...)