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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
I laughed at this post because San Francisco is a "straight shot" from the George Washington Bridge, but that doesn't mean it's convenient.

Lets be real... The OP is coming from Jersey City and going to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Orchard Beach is what people are going to call a convenient location for him? I don't. Again- I'm not going so I really don't give a crap, but the OP obviously only has limited time. If it were me I wouldn't want to spend any of it traveling to, from, or in the Bronx. Plus, the views from Liberty State Park in Jersey City (the town he is staying in) are FAR superior to those from Orchard Beach.

Perhaps it would be helpful to know what part of Brooklyn he intends to go. There's a huge difference between say- Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay.
I really don't care either way. Of course the views from Liberty state park are better, but where are the majority of the people coming from? That is the issue here. Yeah Liberty State park is easier for him. but is it for everybody else? That is the issue. Like I said I don't care either way, and like I also said, people are going to meet traffic which ever place they go, But heading towards Jersey out of the city and then back into the city will be more, for more people.
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