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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
This makes sense - didnt realize 6GC pricing was slotting b/t coupe and convertible right now. So it would prob cost 120K with some options (like CCB or bmw individual pkg), but it prob wouldn't need too many options as I imagine it would come with almost everything.

How much does a well-equipped CLS63 cost versus a panamera turbo?
A CLS63 loaded with performance package and everything else is about $110K. So it will be about the same price as the starting M6 GC price, which actually isn't bad considering the CLS63 needs the performance package to get to 550HP but that also comes with 590 torque!

I have a feeling the CLS63 with performance package and M6 GC will be head on competition, but the CLS can be had for $10K less if you don't get the performance package or LSD, nothing you can do to get a M6 GC for less money... So for those getting them loaded the M6 will probably win, for someone who just can't spend over $100K then the CLS will be the car purchased (or M5)
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