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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
OK. as I said that HAM was lapped during his crash by the rest of the field .

1• HAM went off in the gravel and crashed in the wall.
2• Red Flag showed up by the crash of BOT vs RUS .
3• HAM's car was repaired during the Red Flag.
4• HAM got his postion back (P9) and took part of the re-start of the race.
5• HAM pulled through the field to P2 and stranded 22 sec. behind MAX .
6• No one saw that HAM un-lapped himself .
7• That's actually why HAM ran one (1) lap short 62/63 laps .

Mate .Please have a read =>

•HAM was able to recover his Mercedes from the gravel by engaging reverse but by the time he had escaped he was already a lap down and had slipped to ninth.
That article adds nothing to this discussion. Its all about Hamilton's attitude of not giving up.

Yes, he went a lap down when he went off. But at the restart after the red flag, he, and several others were sent around the field to come back on the lead lap so as not to get intertwined with the leaders. Happens all the time, as others have said. Hell, even the commentators said it!
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