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Originally Posted by Master Deep View Post
Funny thing is at the same time, AMG and S/RS cars are getting better and better at making their chassis' and having driver involvement in their cars. If this keeps up then give them 1 more generation and they will be on top.

What I noticed is BMW was 60% sport and 40% luxury before while MB was 60% luxury and 40% sport. Now theyre both moving towards 50/50 more. I guess BMW noticed most of their customers are younger and perhaps with all the new safety regulations cars will become more and more expensive because of technology. For BMW to make money in the future they have to shift to older people with more money which is the market MB holds more of. If you look at the asian markets they like MB a lot more than BMW because MB is considered more luxurious yet they dont know the comparison between the performance figures between the two. I am sure everyone has noticed the increase in visual and physical appeal in BMW now vs the past. MB on the other hand is increasing their sporty aspect of their cars because that is what their cars lack and what everyone who knows cars complain about. Their line up is more expensive than BMW but their driving feel is no where close. Sure their fitament and quality may be better but they make cars like the SLS, CL AMG, and SL AMG that are all over 150k which at that price range demands great driving feel. So I feel BMW is investing more money on visual and physical appeals than the sporty aspect while the competition is going towards developing a sporty character in their cars. BMW pretty much traded too much for visual appeal too much at once. Just what I think. Sorry I was watching a movie while typing this so its prob not that clear/direct/or even makes sense.
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