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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
It is interesting that press cars are showing up with the Ceramic brake option when it won't be available to purchase for quite some time yet.

Sounds like the car is a blast to drive though, as expected.
Not really if you read the reviews from Autocar and Top Gear (Paul Horrell):


"You can also shift the steeringís weighting across three modes, but in none does its stylish rim provide much info about grip and slip-angles, this tactile shortfall a disappointment in such a driver-oriented car.

So is the sometimes surprising lack of response from the transmission, even in the most hectic modes Ė often, itís better to paddle your way to performance.

Should I buy one?
These shortfalls, plus a ride likely to turn busy on British surfaces in sport, make a faintly less satisfying device of the M6 than it ought to be. Especially when it costs over £20k more than an M5, and much the same for a nimbler, if slower, 911."

Top Gear:

"So, big kudos to the M engineers for making a big and heavy car feel so friendly when itís in this unnatural environment. But really, theyíve missed the point. It never feels light. Worse, it never feels especially sharp. Itís not a sports car. Itís not, in the old sense, an M car.

All these things mean that on the road itís a staggeringly capable car but not a very captivating one. Really, what I want is a car that talks to me, rather than just has me along for the ride."
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