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Thanks for all the nice comments. Did you notice I added some pictures with the top down here and scroll down to the bottom?

Most comments go about the color combo :

The color combo is indeed beyond my expectations. When I ordered the car in November last year I had only seen one picture of an M5 with Singapore Grey but not in real live or on a swatch. I did see Sakhir Orange on a swatch but on and in a car it turns out different than on a small sample.

My salesman is particularly good (well no, he’s great) in combining colors and trims that really stand out. He talked me out of carbon trim (a new never seen carbon for the M6) and convinced me to take the individual piano trim.

In January I saw pictures of an M5 with Singapore and Sakhir and thought it to be to much red/orange leather. Fortunately the M6 interior has much more black parts and together with the piano trim it turns out nicely balanced. So yes I’m happy with that part of the car.

Driving :

Not much in depth to tell at this time. But some very preliminary observations.

The gearbox is way better than the SMGIII in my old E63 M6. Although I never really thought the gearbox in the previous was no good, jerky etc like a lot of comment writers tried to make believe their readers. On the other hand I never drove the SMG in auto mode, always in S manual. But this dual clutch system is so much different. The gear shifts - well there seem to be no gear shifts anymore. The moment you hit the peddle the gear change is done. Even in S2. S3 is amazing.

The sound. Ha, the much commented sound of the V8 vs the V10. I cannot tell which I like the best. It’s comparing apples and oranges. Top down the sound at lower engine rpms is more present than in the E63. I nice thing I found is the very noticeable exhaust plop when upshifting from 2nd to 3th at mid rpms.

This cars runs hot ! Even after a short drive the cooling fans kick in after shutting down the engine. When you get out you can feel the heat coming from the front bay and under the car.

It sits low to the ground. Even lower than the E63. Speed bumps are even more a nightmare here.

Again, thanks for the nice comments. I promise to write a more in depth review in a couple of days
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