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Originally Posted by Envyscorpio View Post
I see people upgrading the rear calipers once an aftermarket option is available. Why can't BMW do things right from the beginning?

Color is ok depending on the body color
Why can't BMW do what right? Please the morons who think their big brake kit is giving them some kind of performance advantage on the street? Every BMW I have ever driven has had superb brakes, in terms of stopping power, resistance to fade (except our E90 M3, that thing needs cooling ducts) and feel through the pedal. There are few other companies with brakes as good as BMW.

The reason the rear brakes are small is because the majority of brake force goes to the front of the car, the size of the caliper has little to do with stopping power and a lot to do with heat dissipation. A brake caliper acts like a heat sink, so a bigger one is more resistant to fade, but you can't just stick 8 piston calipers on every car, if it doesn't need to dissipate that much heat you're just adding unnecessary unsprung weight which slows the car down and ruins its ride quality. Having extra unsprung weight even makes a car more jumpy over rough roads.

The next time you think you know better than the engineers at Kia, much less BMW, consider pulling your head out of your ass.
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