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//M now officially == Audi's S, Acura's R, etc

IMO, this announcement is rooted in near-sighted bottom line issue. I'm fearing this is the end for the true //M cars as the //M cars are now officially on their way to bland land just like we saw it with Audi's S models.

The last true //M cars from BMW were the E36 M3 and the E86 Z4 M coupe.

The E46 M3 was borderline with its huge comfy seats and plush interior. The engine and handling made up for it though.

The E92 M3 is just a plain sell out, in spite of the spectacular engine and handling.

But starting with the E92 M3 the //M brand started eroding really fast after that... with the X5M, X6M, bla bla.

I'm trying to find something positive in all this. But all I see is //M dilution...

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