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I'm still unable to accept the reality that BMW is no longer the automaker that I fell in love with. I still like to consider myself a fan, but not in the way I used to. BMW continually shows how tone deaf they are.

There have been a couple things that really broke my heart. One is when they said in a C&D interview that their customers do not want heavy power steering that responds to the road surface. The second was more recent when one of the suits said we should stop romanticizing the E46 M3 and should accept the G20 for being a high speed cruiser that's totally isolated from the road.

Statements like these are proof of a fundamental change in the automaker's identity and priorities. Yes their products are as fast as ever, but they've lost that special character that defined them for generations. Modern BMWs don't feel all that different to drive than Mercs and Audis. The good old days are gone forever.
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