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Originally Posted by gmd2003
Originally Posted by jeroguz View Post
That's what is holding me back
1) can you put the power down without severe TC intervention ?
2) does your midrange acceleration improved ? - 60 to 120
3) I'm sure launch control feels the same and 0-60 numbers haven't changed correct ?

Everyone talks about feeling a smoother ride but that's what people really want ???
I just switched from running the BMS @ +3.5 on 93 octane to the Dinan stage 1 on my 2014 CP M6. In brief the Dinan returns stock instant shift speed, no hesitation off boost , and better top end performance than BMS. In short its real useable power and the car feels significantly faster everywhere than the BMS period. The delays in shifting ,hesitation upon heavy throttle application, and limp modes during track use are why I switched to Dinan. No regrets, its a much much better product period.
Thanks for the detailed perspective George