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Originally Posted by RichardP View Post
OK, so it can be pre-programmed and self installed then, that sounds good. Would the BMW warranty still be valid for a self install in the UK or would it have to be dealer installed?

If future updates are released, would the unit have to be returned to Dinan or can it be user updated?
Yes it can be pre-programmed and self installed. Please note that you would have to have the ability to clear codes during installation. If you do not have that ability you may want to have an independent BMW shop do the install.

Future updates eventually will be able to be done by the user once the Dinan Apps (iOS / Android) are finished. In the meantime however in your situation, they would have to be returned to Dinan.

In regards to the warranty aspect of the question. Its a loaded question when you are dealing with international coverage. Please reach out to Scott Leandres @ 800-341-5480 x 2105 and he will be able to discuss all those issues a lot easier then me attempting to write a 5 page wall of text.