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Originally Posted by foma1 View Post
I have a 2017 GC competition. i did downpipes, JB4, drop in filters and a few cosmetics.... car feels very fast but im not happy with the way Jb4 is.... the hesitation on throttle response.... and the lack of user characteristics. and I really want my M6 to sing. I want a super fast car but I'm not interested in changing my clutch, or drive train.... I just want a good tune to give me 600+ whp. so do I have to spend the extra $ on DME or can I be satisfied with Bootmod3?
Just to add a little more info as a few years ago I use to have a small performance shop with in house Dyno etc.

Bm3 is a platform to purchase different maps from different tuners. What it comes with is off the shelf maps which are extremely conservative. Typically the off the shelf map is somewhere around 600whp. Which many people are happy with. But if you aren't happy and still want more power you purchase a custom tune on that platform. So spend another $1,000 and get to around 670whp.

Just think it through and decide if you want a little extra power or the most power you can safely get out of it. Clutches would be needed at 700whp and over. I'm not wanting to do clutches at this point so I am just doing a DME custom tune with the catless downpipes I ordered, and making a custom intake set up. My plan is to have all that in while I wait another 2 weeks for wheels and KW sleeve kit. Have a bunch of cosmetic/carbon stuff coming also. Who knows when all that will get in.