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Thanks for all the tips!!

The marks in red were just preliminary layout ideas but for sure I'll swap things around and make sure i have some clear space on the side of the grill. Once i have the actual equipment I'll have better idea of the actual arrangement given the space i have to work with.
I'll definitely check on the burner and see if i can test the one I'm getting to see how the flame works, it would be pity if you're unable to simmer things, my idea was not to have to walk back and forth to kitchen. I definitely plan on using the grill and was thinking of getting the glass window if I'm already going all out, i assume the concern is that it would frequently get dirty and would end up being more of a chore than accessory? My primary concern is that this stuff last a few years of moderate use without any failures, will also get the covers for grill and burner so its protected from elements.

Thank you again!

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I built mine a year and change ago, I went with Firemagic for the grill and side burner. They are both very nice and I would definitely recommend them.

I have used my grill for many things, obviously as a gas grill, Ive used it to 'finish' steaks that I seared in a pan, roasting veggies, potatoes, I've used the rotisserie, and I have the charcoal basket that they sell.

A couple of observations. The side burner doesn't really have a 'low' setting, which makes sense being an outdoor burner, if it goes really low it could be blown out and then you are just pumping natural gas (or propane). So, its not great for simmering sauces, and things like that. You will find yourself pulling the pan off and on the burner so you don't burn things. I actually have an electric hot plate that I keep for simmering/reducing.

The rotisserie is a nice piece, but you pretty much have to take the grates out to use it, and you really can't put a pan under it to catch drippings (even with a small chicken).

I like the charcoal 'basket' I have not used it for smoking, I have used it for direct heat searing, its very nice.

If possible I would strongly recommend leaving enough space for a 1/2 sheet pan (about the size of a 'normal' cookie sheet) between the grill and the side burner, you will use that space constantly and having a place to put the items you are going to grill or fry etc that close will greatly reduce the need to clean up drips. If you are pan frying you can have the raw stuff on one side of the burner and the cooked stuff on the other.

Firemagic offers a glass window on the grill hood, I wouldn't get it if you are planning on actually using the grill.

I would consider putting the sink where the fridge is. The space next to the grill is always being used, you rarely will be taking an item directly from the sink and putting it on the grill, you will frequently be taking stuff out of the fridge and want to put it on your cutting board next to the grill. In addition, there is a good chance of getting a nasty burn if you grill hood is hot and you are working in a sink that is as close as it appears in the drawing.