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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Toss our political differences aside.
That roast dish reminds me of my late grandma's on Sundays. I'd need Louisiana hot sauce and crunchy cornbread too these days.

If you and yours enjoy southern food...
Ida Claire in Addison. To die for and not too expensive. Killer cocktails. I think they offer like 8 different Juleps but I'm not a Julep guy. Shrimp and grits is my usual but everything is delish. Cool environment. Brunch is go home and pass out good.

Reservations recommended if evening. $$

Go and you'll go back and back...
Thanks man! And I just happened to have some Cornbread and Red Devil (cayenne pepper sauce) on hand.

I've heard about that place in Addison. May have to check it out! I love Cajun! And I absolutely love Southern comfort aka Soul Food!