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Originally Posted by King Rudi View Post
I'm picking up (or I FEEL as if) too much fluff this early in to a bulk. In reality, I've 4 pounds. I spent my summer being able to see the veins in my obliques. Sadly they are disappearing. I despise the beginning stages of bulk.....but then ask me again in about a month when there's new/bigger bumps and I'm always full versus counting down the minutes until I can eat again.

I'm also getting to a place where my muscles are sore pretty much non-stop. I dig it though. What I hate, is when people at work ask me to help them lift heavy stuff, because they know I'm going the gym; but I'm constantly sore and picking up heavy shit at work is the last damn thing I want to do after some of my gym nights.

Bitching session over
I hear ya man, just need to push through. You really see the results after you start cutting post bulk. I love feeling sore lol, unfortunately my muscles are so damn conditioned that getting to a point of being really sore any more is difficult. I'd like to chalk it up to not trying hard enough, but I bust my ass every morning in there lol.

Fitness is just a struggle of endurance, the longer you're at it the better you will get as long as you stay after it. A lot of the guys I see in the gym are there each morning, but that is the bulk of it. Haven't seen any progression out of them over a years span. Makes me wonder what their goal is.

Leg day this morning, feeling like jello walking around work. Running out of snacks at home, starting to lean out as a result. I have a thought process that my fiance absolutely hates, if I eat majority of the snacks over a 1-2 day span then I'll lean out through the week. As result sometimes her snacks take some damage through the process lol.
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