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Dang that is tough about your back, hopefully you get it sorted out and it doesn't show it's head again.

Yeah I've accepted that dress shirts aren't made for those who workout, although I have been seeing some companies coming out with Athletic Fit. Which seems larger in the back/shoulder areas and tapers to the waist, best of both worlds. Only some Large Slim Fit shirts will fit me, depends how generous they are in the shoulder area, most feel like I am about to hulk out of them lol!
In the same situation but a bit more difficult. Not only do I have broad shoulders and back with a small waist, I'm also tall. There used to be a store that had most of their clothing tailored to those that work out called Bachrach. I mourned when they closed up shop in my area. It was a place I could go in and just buy stuff off the rack without having to look for custom sizing.

This issue has extended to my riding gear for motorcycling. It's beyond me that pretty much all the major manufacturers do not have tall sizing. My first riding gear was from Joe Rocket. I had to buy quite a few sizes up for both the jacket and pants. The jacket wasn't too bad as I was able to adjust the waist a bit. The pants were ridiculous. I needed to go up a few waist sizes to get close to the length I needed for my legs to have them at least some what be covered by my riding boots. This meant the waist area was super baggy and looked as if I had dropped a load into my pants.

Fortunately, I ran across Rev It. I saw a guy at the track who was about my height. I asked if he had to get his suit custom made. He said no. Now I finally have a 2 piece riding suit which fits me without having to go custom one piece.
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We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.
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