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Originally Posted by King Rudi View Post
Dealing with the same right now as I'm gradually increasing calories. Techincally I'm still in cutting calories but can already feel the fluff starting to grow. I will say that I can feel my shoulders and chest growing also though. My skin feel tight around everything, but I can't stand that extra jiggle around my abs. I seem to operate much better in a cut for some reason. I'm able to monitor my calories and stick to it; but in a bulk I have the hardest time mentally with the extra weight that comes with building the muscle.
Right the tough part is definitely mental when trying to gain. If you can get past that, eat like a freak, then you will grow, but unfortunately this growth is not limited to muscle. I've done cutting/bulking for years now, and have battled that time and time again. But at this point, and it has to do with my career as well, I feel like I am at a solid size professionally. If I start growing too much I don't like how my business clothes fit. I'm at this in-between size right now where a medium is much too small and a large can be baggy at times. This can be taken care of by wearing a large slim fit dress shirt, but to do so I need to keep my midsection lean. Such a pain in the ass lol. Don't even get me started on pants, need a 36 for the leg size but can probably fit in a 32. And before anyone asks no I'm not shelling out that much coin for a tailored suit lol.
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