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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Shoulders/biceps and my usually cardio pre and post. Not sure what I want to do as far as a goal goes. I feel so much better during my workout when I'm maintaining or cutting. When bulking I just feel so damn bloated. I workout first thing in the morning, so sometimes it is hard to get past the discomfort and push through my lift lol. Might just maintain for the time being. I like being lean for the holidays so I can gorge myself to my hearts content, so I'll probably start a small cut in a few weeks. Overall just pretty content at where I am. Right around 185, 5'10", maybe 12-14%BF nothing crazy but I'm quite comfortable here.
Dealing with the same right now as I'm gradually increasing calories. Techincally I'm still in cutting calories but can already feel the fluff starting to grow. I will say that I can feel my shoulders and chest growing also though. My skin feel tight around everything, but I can't stand that extra jiggle around my abs. I seem to operate much better in a cut for some reason. I'm able to monitor my calories and stick to it; but in a bulk I have the hardest time mentally with the extra weight that comes with building the muscle.
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