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Originally Posted by andreo View Post
The LED option on the 6er goes beyond aesthetics even though for most, the aesthetic appeal alone already justifies ticking the option. Having experienced halogens, hid and xenons in previous BMW's, the improvements in LED lighting is very apparent. It is not just the brightness but more importantly the quality of the illumination. What you get with LED is uniform brightness of stadium-quality color temperature that is crisp and consistent throughout the illuminated areas. All light elements within the cluster cast the same quality of light. The built-in cornering lights are discrete and appear instantaneously to illuminate left or right views which seamlessly expand the illuminated area with uniform brightness as soon as you flick your turn signals.

Look closely into the light clusters and you will see a very sophisticated design comprising of precision components, each producing a form of light to make up the entire cluster. Coupled with the generously-sized 3-LED fog lights, you get the complete package with the same quality of illumination. The combination of main, corona, accent, park, cornering and fog light elements literally allow you to sculpt your field of vision and illuminate your driving path with light controlled from within the vehicle. This effect is especially noticeable when you are on a winding road where the adaptive headlights follow your steering and speed. You get the feeling that the path ahead is an open canvas for you to paint with light.

The end result is an overall lighting design that projects a different personality for your car when operated in daytime running mode, low beams, high beams, parked or even turned off. These lights are revolutionary and are leaps and bounds above the ordinary xenon clusters. The entire appearance of your vehicle is transformed with these lights compared to the outmoded xenons. It is painfully apparent how dated the xenons look when you compare a 6er with the xenons and another with the LEDs side by side.

I could not recommend them more.

I'm not sure if you are a person or a marketing computer, but that's an amusing post regardless. Nothing to get crazy over, there is no discernible color difference between the xenons and the led fogs and I can confirm that. It's about choice and if you like yours so be it,I was just referencing another member who has them and posted the exact opposite thoughts, that they were not as bright or useful as xenons and more about a cool factor than function. But if you like them on your car, that's great and I hope you continue to enjoy the.
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