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Originally Posted by XSTAR_007 View Post
New to the platform, don’t they (AMS) advertise the gains to be similar? Just trying to understand the major advantage to change if you have them now. I ask as I think I’ll be in the market and was almost thinking w/ cats for similar reasons you did...though really is a side play car mostly. Do they have any odd noises with the placement or design of the high flow cats?
Gains are similar but because there is less back pressure, it allows the tuner to do much more and be more aggressive (ie: if you're planning on doing a flame tune, which I am haha)

Other than that, I am/was very happy with the catted set-up. The exhaust note was not raspy. After installation, zero odd noises at all.

If you have instagram (IG: imsikxi), you can check out my profile and view a few sound clips. Each person has their own preference, but the tone was exactly what I was looking for. Going catless, I'm afraid how raspy the tone would change, but I'm working with Cary Jordan on an aggressive tune after my Stg 2 Pure Turbos and CSF coolers are installed.