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I agree. I still remember reading a review back in 2001 between E39 M5, E55 ( I think) and few others. M5 was the slowest in the bunch in straight line but it was the best drivers car and won.
You're misremembering the test. The E39 M5 was the fastest production sedan available when it came out. Here's a link to the Car and Driver test you're thinking about:

The M5 was significantly faster than its competition. I bought one and had it for 15 years. Great car; incredible when it was announced. Still incredible today.

Here's a quote from the article:
"How do you characterize a roomy four-door, leather-lined luxury capsule that can keep up with a C5 Corvette? All the way to 150 mph! With quarter-mile performance of 13.3 seconds at 108 mph, let's just call it the fastest production sedan on the planet.

But the new M5 is more than a tire shredding drag racer (the traction control occasionally cuts in during a hard three-four shift over bumpy pavement—at 110 mph!). It stopped from 70 mph in the shortest span (156 feet), it performed emergency-lane-change maneuver successfully at the highest speed (66.2 mph), and it tied for the best cornering grip at 0.90 g. The M5 is simply a remarkably well-rounded performance machine.
Found it. I was off on the years a bit. It was 2003 not 2001.
God I miss those days...
I could only dream of owning an M car in those days. Just out of high school and enjoying life.
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