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Originally Posted by EnVe46 View Post
I was able to find five M6 GCs within 20 minutes of me. Comp and non comp. Could be I'm in south Florida so that is a factor but they're out there.

For one, the springs. In sports plus, they're far to stiff for street driving but I find Sport is ideal when you're wanting to play a bit. They are about the perfect stiffness for cornering but yet let's the rear squat enough to get better traction. Note: The Comp I bought has brand new PS4S vs used PSS on the non comp I drove back to back. In the non comp, I couldn't find a happy medium between stiffness for cornering and enough squat for traction. Again, factor of tires is noted above but I don't think it would have made a difference based on my experience. PSS are stiff excellent tires and they weren't worn, just used.

Steering rack is where it really made me realize they changed they made. Once again here, sports plus is to fake for me in both cars but the quicker response was in the comp in Sport. Still no E90 M3 feel which I loved but to be expected.

These two factors were enough for me to choose the Comp. As I mentioned they weren't drastic but without a doubt recognizable. I also have owned 30 different vehicles in the last 17 years, four in the last year. So it could be I'm more sensitive to variations than others. I'm no expert driver, far from it, but have enough experience between vehicles to recognize subtle changes.

Final note:
The first to vehicles I test drove weren't up to date on maintenance. The non comp was the first I drove and I walked from it. Then I tried a comp real close by but private seller. I think he rented it out or something cause it was a higher mileage 15 that showed abuse. I then found two others, one I bought and another non comp that I compared above. Both were one owner vehicles, dealer maintained.
Great summary! Thank you.