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I thought a comp was the only way to go until I realized I could buy a 2015 M6GC [non comp] for 41k. Perfect condition and had only 35k miles. Paid cash so was able to negotiate. So.... added catless pipes, and a sweet corsa axel back exhaust [sounds mean AF] and put a stage 2 DME tune on it. Havent dino yet but DME claims 200 hp add at crank so call it 775 HP at the crank [560+200 and change with mods] all mods cost me a few grand and were easy to install. All in under 45k and have a low mileage GC with crazy power. Figured why pay more just for the ceramic brakes?? Not a race track car and brembos are fine. Upgrade pads if you want for cheap!! Seriosly though 560 stock is nothing to be ashamed of and 30hp add is nothing. Just add 200
Pretty much why i asked the question, if it is just upped boost its not really wrth the extra, interested to see how the steering is different however.
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