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Originally Posted by Mdrei View Post
BMW has become less of an engineering driven company and more of a profit generating machine looking after the shareholders interests. This is normal as the company is maturing and the is trying to cover all market segments.

The M brand started as a line for the enthusiasts and weekend racers. M never needed marketing, it's marketing was the success on the track and the praise of those who owned one. Over the years this created solid fact driven roots; the products sold themselves.

However, the solid M brand image, which in reality was the hardcore engineer image, could not bring in enough revenue. Real customers (ie: non enthusiast, non petrol heads) adored the cars but it was in the category of "nice to have", they were not willing to compromise on comfort, price, maintenance costs, etc. So what does BMW do? Enter the M Sport Pack. Now people could get the M stickers and some performance for fraction of the cost.
Why is this a bad thing? If it was called "N Sport Pack", would that make any difference?

Originally Posted by Mdrei View Post
But wait, as the other vendors watered down AMG and the S line, more people were flocking to the "middle class" exclusivity that the M brand still carried. The M brand finally started to bring in serious sales.

So the bean counters took to the next level. Slap some stiffer springs, a body kit and plaster M on every outside panel and charge a hefty margin. Welcome to M Performance (aka M badges). With the entry of BMW in DTM they need this marketing image. However few realize the M Performance, does not stand for Motorsport Performance but for Marketing Performance.

M is no longer the BMW premium performance, IT'S A BADGE. This strategy will pay big $ for BMW, but it will leave the enthusiasts betrayed, as they are the ones that made M what it is today. The M cars are dead, welcome the M badges.
I highlighted the above comment because I have to ask. How do you know this to be true? No one has seen (to my knowledge) any of the next-gen M cars, but assumptions have been made that it won't have the same pedigree of performance. I don't understand.

Originally Posted by Mdrei View Post
BMW knows all this, but the conversion from M-cars to M-badges will bring revenue and hence keep the shareholders happy. As a M fanatic who always enjoyed giving a 911 a run for it's money, I am sad, since my M garage will stop growing. The ride was fun, the memories remain. Welcome 991 S, one of the few engineers cars left who does not need "active sound".

In memoriam to M for Motorsport.
So the alternative is for BMW to remain true to its heritage even if it leads to bankruptcy (?) Are they to remain a niche company readily available to do our bidding?
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