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Originally Posted by m6NYC View Post
This sounds like it might be driveshaft related. Over time the drive-shaft might develop play. Maybe you should youtube what play in the drivehshaft sounds like.
Originally Posted by debdoub View Post
If that's the case, driveshaft, turn on the ignition with the foot on the brake put the car in drive then put it in reverse, your foot should be on the brake the entire time and the handbrake is disengaged, if you hear the noise you're talking about so most likely the driveshaft is the culpable. How many miles on your car?
The car has a hair over 57k miles.

The videos I found sounded more like a clunk or even a rattle - this is definitely not what i'm hearing. It's more of a squeak or even a creak, as if a bushing was on its way out. If anyone's owned an X5/SUV, I'd liken it to the rear hatch area creaking a bit when going over a bump (my E70 does this all the time, sounds exactly the same).

Either way, thank you both for your responses. The car is curently at BMW getting the third brakelight recall done but when I get it back, I'll do the drive-reverse + brake pedal test to see if the sound is still present.

Could it not be a control arm bushing? I changed the fronts ~5k miles ago but the rears weren't in terrible shape per my indy so I left them alone.