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Originally Posted by Infiniteflow View Post
Hi Guys,

My M6GC is getting transferred from out of state to California right now and I have about another week before it will arrive to me so I have been searching for good CF parts for the car and I couldn't find exact answers I've been looking for..

I really like the look of this diffuser, however, when I contacted the company ( RW Carbon ) that was selling this part they no longer have this diffuser and lip because of the fitment issues they had.

And this lip that looks similar to vorsteiner lip, the company ( RW Carbon ) also said this lip had a fitment issue. I don't want the genuine vorsteiner lip because I know I will breaking it..and will need to replace again

So my question is if anyone have this diffuser and the lip how is the fitment and where were you able to purchase it? if this Diffuser isn't available then I think I am going to try for 3D Design diffuser which is more subtle whereas the other one looks very aggressive in my eyes.

Ok I forgot to list the parts name

DTM Carbon Fiber Front Lip
DTM Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
DTM Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
DTM Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions

I appreciate the input and guidance to achieve this look in advance Thanks!
I can only speak from my own experience, but the parts I ordered from Spec-M on eBay have been great. Minor fitment adjustments to be made as youíre installing but Iíve heard the same for the Vorsteiner parts. The quality is pretty darn good, and shipping from Taiwan is fast. I ordered the trunk spoiler, side skirts and front lip on separate occasions in the midst of the beginning of COVID and the parts all arrived in a week or less.

My rear diffuser came with the car so Iím not sure about where the previous owner got it from, but the fit is also great.

Check out some of my prior posts if youíd like to see pictures as reference.

Good luck in your search, and let the modding begin!