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I think the issue is is are people really going to show and where the best location would be

here is some pointers from me and what i think

: as far as locations goes i don't care which. it seams Orchard Beach would be where most are willing to go. on Sunday i wont be all over the Place as ill do all that running around on Friday and Saturday. Sunday ill be free about around 1pm so the meet could be at 3pm. so even if have to drive alot to get there, its ok with as its a once in a while thing.

food would be good to do but is not a deal breaker. a recommended cheese steak or good NY pizza place would be ok with me or what ever is good around the area. if food is not an option its no biggie. but its hard to believe someone doesn't know something that wont disappoint near the beach i think.

it Sounds like no matter where we choose there will be traffic. (been to ny plenty of times, traffic is similiar to Georgia and they have 5-6 lane hwys. but the ny drivers are very bold!)

so with the meet being around 3pm you guys would know when to leave to be there on time.

im not to worried about the sights as much. just the sights and sounds of the cars would be enough for me.

so Maybe Sunday March 8TH Orchard Beach at 3pm? and then we would get food if possible, then we all go home and me back to Baltimore!

Still open to suggestions, by Thursday evening/ Friday Morning a final location and time will be set to not cause further confusion.

worst come to worst, this just wont happen

Wednesday there will be a poll in case location is still an issue