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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I'm still in "free" mode on RK. I kept being tempted to pay for it, hoping I can "reset" my PR periodically. I want to know my fastest time this <insert time frame> where I made some sort of change.

So, RK keeps telling me that if I want to get faster in 5K range, I need to shorten my stride and has a training program to get there. A) I prefer to stretch out longer when I run straight distance. Soccer I take much shorter steps, but it's a different activity. B) I don't have headphones, and certainly not anything I want to wear for a run. At S2TS, I saw these bone-conduction sets. Anyone have good/bad to say about them?
I have two pairs of these, one at home, one in the office.

They work quite well. My hearing isn't the best, and I'm certainly no audiophile, but for watching videos or listening to music quietly, they work very well. If you like lots of base or high volume, they're not the best.

A few cyclists I know use these because they leave the ears open for other noise, like traffic, but I don't want any distractions while riding, so I don't use them on the bike.

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