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Originally Posted by cotmfk View Post
I use Runkeeper as well. Sometimes tempted to switch to Strava, but I have so much history in Runkeeper now I don't want to lose that.

I like how RK tells you the PRs, but it can be annoying as you've noticed. First time doing something automatically equals a PR.

What's your name on RK?
I'm still in "free" mode on RK. I kept being tempted to pay for it, hoping I can "reset" my PR periodically. I want to know my fastest time this <insert time frame> where I made some sort of change.

So, RK keeps telling me that if I want to get faster in 5K range, I need to shorten my stride and has a training program to get there. A) I prefer to stretch out longer when I run straight distance. Soccer I take much shorter steps, but it's a different activity. B) I don't have headphones, and certainly not anything I want to wear for a run. At S2TS, I saw these bone-conduction sets. Anyone have good/bad to say about them?
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