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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
Love running no matter what season or weather.
Right now using 'ON RUNNING" Cloudflow think they've helped my speed.

Now my weekly long runs are 6-7 miles - short runs 3.5.
Most of my runs have some nice hills 14-16% grades on sections.

I need to asses if I should attempt one more marathon and it's training...

I tried the ON Clouds, but they did not work for me. They are definitely stylish and light-weight. Just didn't work for my running form for whatever reason. Granted I pronate. I mainly use Asics Kayanos for daily/training miles. I just started using Saucony Fastwitch for racing. I was super happy with that shoe in the one race I ran in them. I'm looking forward to trying them for more this year!
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