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Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
When I was dealing with Renntech for my tune a AMG a while ago they had 3 tunes
The lowest one was for 91 octane , they recommended not to go to the higher tunes if 93 isn’t available , You will make more power if the computer isn’t sensing knock, It really sounds like you got a bad batch of gas , try a different gas station ,sometimes these things are a pain , did he tell you why it’s still knocking? If he does stage 2 all the time with 91 octane he should figure out why your having a problem and fix it .
well he says that every engine is different. some knock some dont. but he says bmw says SOME knock is normal in these engines.

thats why he recommends flex fuel to me, but i cant consistently fill that up..

and ya he also mentioned the burning oil as a factor which is why i made this thread.

i fill up shell 91 80% of the time idk. we will see after the dyno.

i am also going to flash to stock when i dyno. MAYBE my particular car has low stock numbers, which is why after tuned i can only get to 585 whp. so if the stock ecu barely makes 480 whp when its supposed to make around 500-520whp...then 585whp isnt too bad.