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Originally Posted by Xx__xs View Post
OTF tune. i recommended a dyno tune after i saw the low hp numbers, he said come in for a retune. i went in, he drove my car. and did a diagnosis with a laptop while driving. retuned it (and yes that is why he lowered the boost due to knock) drove it again, said it feels better now. there was still some knock.

now i have yet to dyno it. im in cali so all we have is 91. sure i can get flex fuel but thats not realistic. im not gonna be filling that up regularly.

well i paid for a stage 2 so i dont know how dropping to a stage 1 will increase power..i dont know. it is asking for a lot but i just wanted what he promised which is 620whp. im pretty far from that.
When I was dealing with Renntech for my tune a AMG a while ago they had 3 tunes
The lowest one was for 91 octane , they recommended not to go to the higher tunes if 93 isnít available , You will make more power if the computer isnít sensing knock, It really sounds like you got a bad batch of gas , try a different gas station ,sometimes these things are a pain , did he tell you why itís still knocking? If he does stage 2 all the time with 91 octane he should figure out why your having a problem and fix it .