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Originally Posted by M6DYS View Post
I see. Turbos do burn a little more oil than na vehicles. But, like Iíve mentioned earlier, Iíve never experienced the type of problem that you are currently having with any of my BMWs. Iím currently running the following mods on my F13. Catless downpipes, aftermarket high performance full exhaust, cold air exhaust, high performance charge pipes, spark plugs, and stage 2 tuner. Havenít experienced any problems with my vehicle at all. Plus, I installed all the parts and tuner myself. Iím not a mechanic or anything like that. Just had my vehicle serviced and the dealership never mentioned anything about my vehicle having any problems. I donít know what to tell you. However, I would suggest that you get a pro to look at your vehicle. Good luck.
while i understand that burning oil this frequently is not ideal, i do know that it is within the spectrum that bmw calls "normal". So my concern is not necessarily why is my car burning oil, or how do i stop it.

i am concerned about whether or not the burning of the oil is correlated with the power output of my engine, considering it has a stage 2 tune.

i dont really care about 10$ top up every 3 weeks or so. theres nothing i can do about it other than get a new engine and break it in properly.