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You purchased the car new or used? Iíve never burnt oil in any of my BMWs. Iíve owned 3 M6s, 1 335I, 2 M5s, 2 M3s, and a 550I. All of which I have bought brand new and Iíve driven most of them as my daily drivers. Never had any oil burning problems. Do you have your oil changes and other regular maintenance at a BMW dealership? Sometimes the dealership may have Ecuador updates that can fix the problem. Either way, your vehicle should not be burning that much oil. I suggest that you take it to a BMW dealership to have it checked out.
used with 40k miles. it is widely recognized to be normal to burn 1 quart at every 1000 miles. my m3 burnt about this much. ive changed the oil after 3k miles.