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Originally Posted by jdsaengine View Post
My 2013 650 convertible was a garage queen, but at 37K mi as I lightly accelerated one day picking up a pizza the DTM came on. One injector, one plug, paid by my 3rd party warranty. From then on I kept my foot out of the pedal fearing the next and inevitable DTM incident. Bought top tier gas, put injector cleaner in the tank, and still did not trust the car beyond a 30 min drive from home.

I traded it last month just because she had a pimple on her nose I guess. Hated doing that, loved the car, the looks, the HP, but in the end just didn't trust it and the warranty was up in a month anyway.
One bad injector does not mean the entire car is crap. I have had to replace injectors on many cars, and I still drove them like I stole them afterwards. You would have just as much chance of an injector going bad on a car that had never had a problem and one that had 3-4 injectors replaced if they were the same mileage and service history.

Now if I was having valve or cylinder related issues......
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