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Originally Posted by Msparta View Post
70,859 miles

I took a nice road trip to key west and back yesterday and no engine light prior to having cleared it. I'm assuming that last engine light trigger was pre sensor replacement - and perhaps I did not notice as such.

So I'm super happy after 200 miles of driving or so all good.

She drives excellent. Probably better then when I got her at about 40k miles or so.

I need to take pics professionally polished and posing to a nice backdrop but here is a snap of the dash mileage readout.

My car is at 70K miles too. I'm going to replace mine as well for preventative maintenance. Oxygen sensors last around 60k-90k miles. In case people look for this too. Bosch is the OEM for this part.

RockAuto has the best price for it.

BOSCH 16792 Actual OE Oxygen Sensor Info

BOSCH 17187 Actual OE Oxygen Sensor Info
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