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EV Conversion

Who thinks the 6 Series will make a good candidate for Electric Motor Conversion?

I don't think everyone wants to run out and buy an Electric Vehicle. Plus that would create a huge glut of obsolete IC autos, which would be a terrible strain on the environment, almost outweighing the benefits of Electric cars.

The 6 is a solid car, it has plenty of space for Batteries, and there are quite a few around. Plus it's a luxury car that you wouldn't mind investing in and keeping for a long time.

The downside is the vehicle weight which will hurt range. But you have to manage weight and available Battery space.

IMHO, certain vehicles will emerge as excellent cars for Conversion such as Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, mostly because of their huge production numbers and the ability of Conversion Companies to take advantage of this scale. With this thinking, I guess the 3 Series would prevail as the most popular BMW conversion car.
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