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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
With all due respect, the issue with the above argument is that the E-Class coupe is not in the same league as the new 6er coupe. It's steps below, in fact. The 6er is leagues above the 5er, in terms of fit and finish of interior materials, even without going Individual. Whereas the E-Class coupe is a middle of the road Benz.

So the 6er GC is based on a 6er coupe, which is in a different class than a 5 series. The CLS is in a league of its own, but it's based on a lower model than the 6er GC. It is true that nothing in the CLS remotely resembles an E-Class, however it is also true that nothing in a 6er GC (or 6er Coupe for that matter) resembles a 5-Series. That's the real comparison I would suggest to consider if going this route.

I agree with all those who say the 6er GC is aiming for the Panamera rather than the CLS or A7. Whether it hits that mark, is a whole different topic. In this case, it is the M6 GC vs. Panamera Turbo or Turbo S, I would suppose.
I understand the E-class Coupe is lower than the E-class Sedan which is lower than the CLS. I also understand the 6-series is above the 5-series, but how is the 6 GC so much better than the regular 6?

I don't see what makes the 6 GC so much better than a CLS or A7.
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