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Originally Posted by Havy View Post
It is the same part. (1)
Just in case you didn't see the subtle difference...the bumpers probably do fit up the same to the body of the car...but they have a slightly different design.

Take note of the location of the rear reflectors (red arrows in pics below). On the M bumper...the reflector is higher up and right beneath the rear tail lights. On the regular bumper...the reflector is below the crease and is more in alignment with the top of the license plate.

The regular bumper has a crease in it (see green arrows) whereas the M bumper is smooth. I think it is also an inch or two lower because on 6 series with the can't see the muffler...but on the non sport can actually see a little bit of the silver muffler.

The shape of the license plate indentation is inverted (see yellow arrows)...the regular bumper is wider at the top...the M bumper is wider at the bottom.

And the lower trim around the exhaust/tail pipes is also different (see the blue arrows).
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