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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
With the base of the M6 convertible being 114k This will probably be around 120k base.
I don't think this will necessarily be the case. The 6 series GC models are priced in between their corresponding 6 series coupe and 6 series convertible counterparts.

So 30k difference between the 90k base M5. Thats 1/3rd the price of a base M5. It shouldn't hurt M5 sales.
An M5 with all the options and TTL will touch 100k easily, especially with the ceramic brakes. For someone already shopping for a six figure car, they will probably go with whichever has the most emotional pull for them.

I agree M5 sales will remain strong, but the M6 GC is going to sell very well too IMHO. In fact, it is 760i or Alpina B7 sales that I see being more impacted here. Those are still great cars too, but this new M6 GC will create a halo unlike anything other 4 door luxury car out there IMHO. A Panamera Turbo S for so much less money, and for all those that just can't stomach that car's funky look. This is a true beauty.
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