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Originally Posted by Flo1989 View Post
I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not in love with the m8’s. The feeling I got when the m6gc was originally released was that “THIS will be my next car!”…With the m8, I feel like I’m almost forcing myself to like it. No DCT (big let down) and it lacks visual aggression to me. The m8gc looks too “sedan-like” IMO. No aggressive body lines on the side as per the m6gc. Sucks bc I really wanted it to grow on me (mainly for the s63tu). As for the OP regarding what’s next, likely an RS7 or GT63s. The rs7 weighs nearly 5k lbs which is crazy, but in the aftermarket world they’re making up for that with some serious power (important to me with whatever car I go with). I’ll have to drive it to see how it handles, though. These two cars alone have single handedly won me over for my next move.

Couldn't echo this comment more! I went in recently to the local M dealership and got quite an offer on my GC (couple grand less than I paid) in order to swap into a M8GC and I felt like i was forcing myself to like the car. The styling is not the same, transmission seems less aggressive and the only justification I could convince myself of was "well it is now AWD" That along with the horrid deprecation that was incoming is steering me away big time. I'll hold onto the M6 for at least the next few years, but sadly the way that BMW is going, it looks like this might be my first and last newer Gen M cars.
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