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Hoping a mod/admin can help me with an unusual request

Sorry if this is a bit off base. I'm not typically around these parts.

I purchased a vehicle from a member here ~4 years ago. I am just now getting around to posting pictures and updates about it. I'd love to access the original sale listing, but it seems the seller edited it to completely delete the contents.

As a member of many car forums, I realize this is pretty common practice (although my home forum discourages it). My home forum also keeps track of edits, and lets users view the edits to posts. It seems here maybe only forum staff can see edits?

If that is the case, I'm wondering if an exception can be made. I'm hoping to get the original contents of the sale listing PM'd to me. Is that something that can be worked out?

Here is the thread in question:

I'd love to have the text from the original post for my new build thread on the car.