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Originally Posted by GaretJax View Post
Which one did you get? years/miles/deductible and cost? Thanks.
For my 2016 BMW M6 GC with 23k miles, I got Easycare's Totalcare warranty for 7 years 100,000 miles for $3660 full coverage literally covers everything, with $100 deductible and $50 a day rental car coverage. It even covers tires and rims, minus curb rash but blown tires and bent or cracked rims are fully covered too!

The only thing is that the warranty starts from the in service date, which was 11/16 for my car so it pushed the "7 year warranty" another 4 years until 11/2023. Its not 7 years from when you purchase it. My car is still under the original bmw manufacture warranty until 11/2020

Whats the funny is that the 84 months/100k miles was $4385 versus the 84 months/74k for $4421 lol ignore the $4000, that was just me writing down their original negotiation from another bmw dealer who i didnt go with. But yeah ive attached the system generated print out for all the prices for a 2016 bmw m6 with 23k miles

The prices for the picture could be lower depending on what you get but i wanted a certain monthly payment so the finance guy took off money on certain warranties and moved it to others to get the price I wanted in total so you should be able to get it cheaper. Oh and easycare's warranty gives you a prorated refund if you dont use it completely by 7 years and it is fully transferable.

I bought it from a bmw dealership. You can find out more information about coverage here: under the TotalCare section for each car area/section

Also the BMW maintenance refresh (the option to continue the original 4 years of manufacture covered maintenance when buying a used car, since its no longer automatically transferred) costs the dealer $200 but they up mark it $700 so make sure you negotiate!

If you guys have any questions, let me know!
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