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I'm looking for one as well.
Route 66 is what my bank offers. They quoted First street basic warranty for about $1300.
I would stay away from Route 66, because they do not cover many of the parts for high performance vehicles with turbos. That’s why their prices are so cheap. A few years ago I purchased a new Nissan GTR, using my credit union. I got the loan from my credit union and went with the check to the dealership and purchased the GTR. I passed up on the extended warranty that the dealership offered because my credit union quoted me a super discounted warranty that was too good to be true. The dealership’s warranty was $5800 and the Route 66 warranty from my credit union was $1800. I’m sure you all can do the math for that with the lowest cost. So, I jumped on it. After a year and a half of running to car in stock condition, I added several mods to my GTR and took it to the track multiple times in the months to follow. Anyway, one of my turbo went bad as a result of the mods and track running.

So, I removed the mods and restored the GTR to its stock condition and took it to the dealership for warranty service. I had put more than 30k miles on the car by then. So, the manufacturer’s warranty had ended. Therefore, I had to go for the extended warranty with Route 66. They immediately denied my claim. Referring to their disclaimers that certain turbocharged and supercharged vehicle parts weren’t covered and blah blah blah!! To my surprise, my GTR’s turbo wasn’t covered. So, I immediately canceled the warranty with Route 66. The Nissan dealership worked with me to get the turbo replaced due to the fact that the car was 2 years old. The had a specialist from Nissan fly in to examine the car and he decided to replace the turbo as a courtesy to me for buying a $120k car brand new and all.

I spoke to the Nissan specialist myself and he informed me that it’s always better to get the dealership’s warranty service because they are completely honored by the vehicle’s manufacturer. And they are more familiar with the mechanics of these high performance vehicles to know how much it costs to replace their parts. Long story short, I don’t always get extended warranties because they are usually a waste of money. However, for BMWs, GTRs, and any other high performance vehicle sometimes n extended warranty may come in handy. So, I’ll buy the extended warranty separately from the dealership. Most dealerships offer “0” percent financing for their extended warranties and you can negotiate a discount with the finance person.
Thanks a bunch!
I called BMW dealership in NWA and they said they don't have any extended warranty available for a 2104 with 35k miles. Bummer.