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Originally Posted by rebekahb View Post
Today was a total body workout and apparently pulled something or tweaked my lower back. I didn't feel anything during the workout. I was able to get in for a massage today so that helped but still extremely tight. Tomorrow is an off day so hope I can do a light warm up so I can stretch.
I feel this. Pretty sure I've torn something in my left oblique while doing windscreen wipers on the chin up bar a few weeks ago. Crazy feeling. It "pops" when I bend or twist in certain directions. Have been taking it easy on abs until it's fully healed. Tonight is supposed to be my off night, but I'm thinking about going in to do some cardio. I've picked up some fluff after starting a bulk cycle already.

How long does it take you to do a total body routine? I'm trying to come up with routines that aren't so time inclusive, but I honestly don't think there's a way.
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